Upgrading is easy. You can use your 3 license to run 3.5. There are some changes needed to the robots you created with 3.0 if you use any of the packages below:

Database Plugin Replaced

Starting with Xill IDE 3.1 the Database plugin has been replaced by the JDBC plugin, which contains the separate database packages MSSQL, Oracle, SQLite and MariaDB (open source MySQL support). To upgrade your robots that use Database, replace every Database.<construct> call with [MSSQL|Oracle|SQLite|MariaDB].<construct>.

Replace Connection Strings

The connect construct now works with JDBC connection strings. Refer to the MSSQL.connect(), Oracle.connect(), SQLite.connect() and MariaDB.connect() help files for a simple example or to the JDBC documentation for your specific database for more options.

Other Database Construct Unchanged

Once you are connected, using the correct package, the constructs and their options remain unchanged.

Open Source MySQL plugin

As an extra service we provide an open source MySQL plugin, which can be installed separately. Copy the jar files into your app/plugins folder inside your Xill IDE installation folder and (re)start Xill IDE to use this plugin.

REST Plugin Replaced

Starting with Xill IDE 3.1 the REST plugin has been replaced by the XURL plugin, which features support for binary data and authenticated connections. To upgrade your robots that use REST simply find and replace REST by XURL in all your bots. The constructs are mostly compatible. Any issues can be solved by consulting the corresponding help page.

The REST options user and password do not exist in XURL, to solve this, you can simply add your username and password to the url, like this: "http://user:pass@192.168~"

UDM Database Changed

We changed the collection and field names in the Unified Data Model (UDM) to conform with our naming convention of lowerCamelCase.

If you are using the document package to store data in the UDM and you have a previous database, then you need to run the following commands using the external Robomongo:

Database Upgrade Commands : 

db.getCollection('documents').update({}, {$rename:{'contenttype' : 'contentType', 'source.modifiedby' : 'source.modifiedBy', 'target.modifiedby' : 'target.modifiedBy'}}, {multi: true});


Database name

The default database name is udm_default. By providing an identity to the Document constructs, you can create other databases, which will all have the name udm_identity. See the help for information on how to use this parameter.

New Stream Package

The new Stream package replaces the old File.save() construct and allows for much faster file operations with less memory overhead. In Xill IDE 3.0.1 there was an unofficial preview of the Stream package included, which may use different constructs. Please refer to the current help for Stream and File.

MongoDB Driver Updated

Our Mongo and Document packages now work with MongoDB 3.2. Please upgrade your MongoDB installation.

Date.info() Fields are lowerCamelCase

All fields returned by Date.info() are now using lowerCamelCase to conform with our naming convention. See the help for examples.