You can use the XURL plugin to access resources on the web. Normally this can be done without any problem. But sometimes it can happen that you have problems with the used certificate when accessing resources using an SSL connection with https. You will get an error stating that the plugin was "unable to find valid certification path to requested target" with a special indication that the building of the PKIX path failed. This can be caused by several issues with the provided certificates. We provide two ways to avoid these issues: First enable the insecure option with the XURL constructs (e.g. var response = XURL.get("", {"insecure": true});

If this does not solve the error, it is likely that the certificate is not trusted by the underlying Java Virtual Machine (JVM). This can solved by adding the certificate to the trust store of the JVM. If you are well introduced into the whole Java configuration you will probably already know how to add a certificate to a keystore in java. For all other users we provide you with a small tutorial using the keystore explorer. You can download this tool from This tool is available for Windows, Mac as well as Linux.

After installing the tool, you have to open the key store of the JVM you are using to run Xill IDE. Is most cases this store can be found under <xill-program-directory>/runtime/lib/security/cacerts. Open this file from Keystore Explorer using the open command. The keystore will open, when asked for a password enter the default password 'changeit'.

Now you can start validating and importing certificates into your keystore by using the 'Examine SSL' option under the 'Examine' menu:

Enter the host name of the certificate you want to import and the port (normally 443). Then click on 'OK' to start the validation. The keystore explorer will show you the details of the found certificate:

If you determined you're importing the correct certificate, click the 'Import' button. The certificate will be added as a trusted authority. As a last step save the keystore by clicking on the save button on the main screen of the keystore explorer.

Restart the Xill IDE to pickup the changes in the keystore and try again.