Upgrading from an older version of Xill to Xill 3.6.x is very easy. Just keep in mind that many internals changed to make loading robots from archives possible. Also, we removed functionality that was marked as deprecated. As a consequence there are the following backward compatibility issues:

System.info() & Properties Plugin

Due to complexities introduced by the dependency and archive loading mechanisms, we have had to make changes to some properties returned by System.info() and Properties.

3.5.x PropertyExample Value3.6.x PropertyExample Value


Removed Deprecated Functionalities

Various deprecated constructs and plugins have been removed:

  • Database - Use the dedicated sql plugins instead
  • REST - Use the XURL plugin instead
  • File.getText - Use Stream.getText(File.openRead(...))
  • Excel.setCell - Use Excel.setCellValue or Excel.setCellFormula

Removed as Keyword

Due to the lack of code completion in the packages that were included in the "use" statements with the "as" keyword, the "as" keyword is removed. The "as" keyword for included robots are still functional.

Xill IDE versionExampleSyntax correct
3.5.xuse Web as w;
3.5.xinclude example.WebApi as wa;
3.6.xuse Web as w;
3.6.xinclude example.WebApi as wa;

Introduced Case Sensitive Includes

By forcing case sensitivity to the FQN of the include statement, we ensure that the includes always work on both Windows and Unix based OS's. 

Case sensitivity was not checked in Xill, which was no issue for Windows machines. Unix machines could not compile the xill robots that include robots with an incorrect casing. Windows had no issue with the casing.

Xill IDE versionOperating SystemActual location of fileExampleSyntax correct
3.5.xWindows$PROJECTPATH/exampleLibrary/certainFunctionality.xillinclude exampleLibrary.certainFunctionality;true
3.5.xUnix$PROJECTPATH/exampleLibrary/certainFunctionality.xillinclude exampleLibrary.certainFunctionality;true
3.5.xWindows$PROJECTPATH/exampleLibrary/certainFunctionality.xillinclude exampleLibrary.certainfunctionality;true
3.5.xUnix$PROJECTPATH/exampleLibrary/certainFunctionality.xillinclude exampleLibrary.certainfunctionality;false

3.6.xWindows$PROJECTPATH/exampleLibrary/certainFunctionality.xillinclude exampleLibrary.certainFunctionality;true
3.6.xUnix$PROJECTPATH/exampleLibrary/certainFunctionality.xillinclude exampleLibrary.certainFunctionality;true
3.6.xWindows$PROJECTPATH/exampleLibrary/certainFunctionality.xillinclude exampleLibrary.certainfunctionality;false
3.6.xUnix$PROJECTPATH/exampleLibrary/certainFunctionality.xillinclude exampleLibrary.certainfunctionality;false

Upgraded Concurrency plugin

If you are using the Concurrency plugin, then an upgrade of the plugin to version 1.1.0 or higher is mandatory. Older versions of the plugin will not work with Xill 3.6.x or higher.