To setup Sharepoint Online or Onedrive as a repository add the example configuration, found at the end of this page, to the repositories.json. Change the settings according to your needs.

The plugin uses the Graph API, to setup access to the API follow this tutorial.

* = required


ClientId of the configured app.


The clientSecret of the configured app.


The id of the tenant in which you configured the app.


Keyword for filtering sites. Doesn't apply when type is set to users.


If set to users OneDrives will be extracted instead of sites.


Object containing the hashing settings. The object must contain one key: enabled, specifies if hashing is enabled.

The object defaults to {"enabled" : false}

Note! that the Graph API has a quickxorhash for Sharepoint and OneDrive by default which can also be used for duplicate comparison. If hashing is disabled it uses this value (if available).

Example configuration

 "repositoryName" : {
        "type" : "graph",
        "config": {
            "clientId" : "",
            "clientSecret" : "",
            "tenantId": ""

This connector supports custom metadata. Instruction on how to configure custom metadata can be found here.