To setup OpenText Livelink as a repository add the example configuration, found at the end of this page, to the repositories.json. Change the settings according to your needs. Note that this plugin is based on a Livelink export that is stored in Mongo.

* = required


Object containing the Mongo connection settings. Defaults to {}.


Object containing the options for the Mongo connection.


The Mongo connection that holds the Livelink objects. Defaults to documents.


A query to select/filter the objects from Mongo. Defaults to {}.


Object containing the hashing settings. The object must contain two keys. enabled, specifies if hashing is enabled. Can be true or false. versions specifies if hashing is enabled for each version.

The object defaults to {"enabled" : false,"versions" : false}


Array of path parsers to resolve the binaryPath relative to the server. A path parser is structured as below.



List of audit types that are considered access to an object.

Example configuration

 "repositoryName" : {
        "type" : "livelinkm",
        "config": {
            "mongo" : {"name" : "dbname", "host" : "localhost", "port" : 27017, "username" : null, "password" : null},
            "accessTypes" : ["Fetch","View"]

This connector supports custom metadata. Instruction on how to configure custom metadata can be found here.