System requirements

  • Windows server 2012 or higher
  • 32 GB of RAM, preferable 64GB
  • Best practice drive configuration is: one drive for the system, one drive for the software (minimum of 10GB) and one drive for the data (which is preferable a SSD)
  • For the minimum size of the data drive, use the following formula: S = SA * 2,25
  • Where SA is the size of the data to analyse in TB and S the size of the data drive in GB
  • Up to date Intel Xeon processor with multiple cores or similar
  • Network connection to the systems to analyse (faster is better)
  • Internet connection is preferable

Software requirements

  • Xill IDE 3.6.x (preferable latest)
  • Elasicsearch 7.5.2 ZIP
  • Kibana 7.5.2 ZIP
  • Concurrency plugin (latest)