When working in a text editor, you will like to work with shortcuts. Here's a list of shortcuts the Xill Ide

Bot operations
New file Ctrl+N
Open file Ctrl+O
Save file Ctrl+S
Save file as Ctrl+Alt+S
Save all Ctrl+Shift+S
Close Ctrl+W
Help operations
Help home F1
Debug operations
Run F6
Pause F7
Stop F8
Step in F9
Step over F10
Console operations
Clear console Ctrl+L
Editor operations
Search Ctrl+F
Copy Ctrl+C
Cut Ctrl+X
Paste Ctrl+V
Duplicate lines Ctrl+D
Reset zoom Ctrl+0
Rename selected item F2
Open settings dialog Ctrl+P
New line Ctrl+M
Comment line Ctrl+/
Comment multiline Ctrl+Shift+/
Fold any piece of selected text Ctrl+F1 OR Alt+L
Find next similar word Alt+K
Cursor location specific selection Ctrl+Shift+P
Select everything within tags/parenthesis Ctrl+Shift+M