About this release

What you see before you was the product of years of effort. At first the brain child of a single brilliant mind and now a proudly finished piece of software. All finished? No there is still a tiny piece here or there that we would want to improve, some functionality that we are eager to deliver in the next release... There is always a next release, but first there is this release. And what a release it is! These are just some of the main features:

  • a complete rewrite of the core
  • a rewrite of the language (Xill 3), improving on the principles we have set before
  • plugin package support
  • Universal Data Model (UDM) supported through the Document Package
  • direct calling of webservices through the REST package
  • new Web engine with better javascript support
  • code completion
  • compile error highlighting
  • a searchable help system

We are dedicated to delivering an easy and fast way for consultants and developers to script all of their Content ETL needs. We support complex migrations and data transformations, in way fewer lines of code than any other scripting language. Our scripts are compiled, so they run fast and we offer connectivity to DB, Web, File systems and REST Webservices. The architecture is highly modular and you can create your own connectors for systems or even extension plugins for the language.

We believe that this feature packed release delivers on that promise and shows how far we have come since that first line of code was compiled a few years ago. By using this completely overhauled version of the Xill scripting language you commit yourself to a future of ever increasing productivity and possibilities in the Content ETL space.


see support.xillio.com

Known Issues

  • Xpath support in Web plugin is partly broken (when querying for attributes). As a workaround, try to split up complex xpath queries into multiple consecutive queries.
  • Web currently supports no more than 10 open pages at any given time.
  • You cannot currently use the comparison operators <, >, <= and >= on strings. 
  • Scrolling through a code example in the help does not work. Instead hold your mouse over the scroll bar.
  • The debugger is slow when rendering large amounts of list or JSON object data for the preview.
  • When editing code during debugging, variables may disappear from the debug pane.
  • Breakpoints may move when pressing ENTER or DELETE on the same line
  • Currently only one instance of Xill IDE can be running. Older instances would lose the ability to open robots.
  • When you try to declare a variable inside a function, which already exists as a parameter, no error is thrown.
  • Some help examples may not work without modification.
  • When previewing huge XML files (>120MB) you may run out of memory.
  • After a compile error the run button is still greyed out. Click Stop to enable it.
  • On a Mac, some keyboard-shortcuts may not work, because they are used to type special characters.
  • When using an extra graphics adapter, the notification dialog for changing files outside of the IDE may fail.


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