About this release

In this release we introduce a few new features that should help you do your projects more efficiently:

  • Auto-Save in IDE
  • runBulk() to allow parallel running of bots
  • argument now supports a default value and can be used as a variable
  • do/fail/success/finally blocks to support error handling

Also we are still continuously improving the user experience and the built-in changelog will tell you about many more fixes on startup.


see support.xillio.com

Known Issues

  • Web currently supports no more than 10 open pages at any given time.
  • You cannot currently use the comparison operators , = on strings.
  • Scrolling through a code example in the help does not work. Instead hold your mouse over the scroll bar.
  • Breakpoints may move when pressing ENTER or DELETE on the same line
  • Currently only one instance of Xill IDE should be running. Older instances would lose the ability to open robots.
  • When you try to declare a variable inside a function, which already exists as a parameter, no error is thrown.
  • Some help examples may not work without modification.
  • When previewing huge XML files (>120MB) you may run out of memory.
  • On a Mac, some keyboard-shortcuts may not work, because they are used to type special characters.
  • On a Mac or under Linux some files deployed by the app are not accessible, which may lead to installation issues (see the installation manual) [CTC-975].
  • The project view collapses when saving a bot or creating a directory [CTC-880].
  • When using MySQL (through the MariaDB library), multiple queries may lead to a crash in the special case that one query (except the first) raises a constraint violation.
  • When using MySQL (through the MariaDB library), a query-result with zero results will cause an error when iterating over it.
  • Robots do not close database connections correctly [CTC-1359]
  • Adding null to a number produces an error instead of returning NaN [CTC-1368]


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